Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Of Course Not

breaking my self imposed silence to comment on the reaction to Scalia's comments
The top Senate Democrat and a civil rights legend serving in the House both condemned Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's comments during an affirmative action case on Thursday, when Scalia seemed to suggest that some African-Americans don't belong in top colleges.
Well of course some African-Americans don't belong in top colleges. And guess what? Some European-Americans don't belong in top colleges either.

This is why we have entrance requirements. You must meet the requirements for entry. Not everyone makes the cut. Why is this even controversial?

Rep. John Lewis, who helped lead the civil rights march in Selma, suggested Scalia should consider recusing himself from the case, Fisher v. University of Texas.

"Justice Scalia's evident bias is very troubling to me. It leads me to question his ability to make impartial judgments in this case," the Georgia Democrat said in a statement.

I question John Lewis' intelligence and fitness to be a representative in government.
Lewis said he was "shocked and amazed" by Scalia's remarks. "His suggestion that African-Americans would fare better at schools that are 'less advanced' or on a 'slow-track' remind me of the kind of prejudice that led to separate and unequal school systems -- a policy the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional decades ago," Lewis said.
A liberal who is "shocked and amazed". Imagine that. Why does John Lewis think there are different tiers of colleges? Why does John Lewis think there are academic scholarships to which some, most students do not qualify for? I wonder if John Lewis has ever considered why most of if not all the Supreme Court Justices went to "top tier" graduate schools? I wonder what John Lewis thinks about trade schools and the fact that many educators actually encourage students who are not "college material" to go to them. Actually I wonder if John Lewis actually thinks?
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid took to the Senate floor to decry Scalia's comments as "racist" -- and sought to tie him to Donald Trump and Republicans.
A liberal calling someone racist for making a comment they don't like in regards to black folks. Imagine that.
"These ideas that he pronounced yesterday are racist in application, if not intent," Reid said.
Yes, they are racist because Harry Reid says so. And if Harry Reid say so then...


"I don't know about his intent, but it is deeply disturbing to hear a Supreme Court justice endorse racist ideas from the bench on the nation's highest court.
Intent isn't the only thing Harry Reid doesn't know. And of course I've already laid out why Scalia's comment wasn't racist but hey facts have never stopped a liberal from declaring something racist.
His endorsement of racist theories has frightening ramifications, not the least of which is to undermine the academic achievements of Americans, African-Americans especially."
Racist theory eh? It's racist that it is a fact that persons of whatever race who are enrolled in a program or college that expects performance that they cannot meet should go to institutions that are a better match for their abilities. Wow. You know, this week has really shown that Democrats and liberals actually live in an imaginary world of their own making in which black people can do no ill and are apparently ALL Ivy League material.
Reid called Scalia "out of touch" with the nation's ideals and called his comments "distressing," saying they were a reminder of a need for vigilance to protect opportunity for Americans.
Firstly the issue of law is not a popularity contest (side note: I blame Kennedy and his made up constitutional rights for adding fuel to this bullshit fire). Secondly the national "ideal" is supposed to be about rewarding people for their performances. If there are students who cannot cut it in a program they either find something else to do or do an easier program. What exactly is "distressing" about that?

And why are Democrats and liberals always emoting? Shocked, amazed and distressed. Get control of your emotions!

"The idea that African-American students are somehow inherently intellectually inferior to other students is despicable," Reid said.
Well sure. If Scalia had said such a thing then I'd be on Reid's side. But Scalia made no such statement. Once again we have a liberal Democrat (I repeat myself) making up comments and sticking them on their opponent.
The idea we should be pushing well-qualified African-Americans out of the top universities into lesser schools is unacceptable."
Again, Scalia did not make this statement. His statement which is actually supported by data, is that if a candidate is not prepared to do work at the level of a school that is offering him admission, it would be better if that candidate went to a school that was a better match for his abilities. This way he does not drop out with debt to pay off or run up debt taking remedial classes and the like at the higher cost of the more prestigious institutions.

Harry Reid's commentary is just as silly as Obama's new Every Student Succeeds plan. I mean really. What wonderland do these folks live in where they think every student will succeed? But politicians like to use cutesy titles for their programs and voters fall for it.

Not every student succeeds but we can help increase the numbers by making sure they are in programs that are best for their skill and intelligence levels. And that's for everybody, not just black people.

*note: The author worked at an admissions office while an undergrad at an Ivy. He also paid close attention to admissions and dropouts of black students while attending a Big Ten school. He has seen first hand how many students are admitted with questionable academic skills who later dropped out or failed to maintain a satisfactory GPA. In every year he kept track, the schools would pronounce how many black students were admitted and every year the black enrollment numbers would shrink as many students would be gone. Meanwhile so called "black activists" would rant about the institution and never considered (at least publicly) that maybe it was simply wrong to admit some of those students in the first place.