Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

"Thug Should Not Be Associated With a Black Person"

This is a case of a person not realizing how glassy the house they live in is.

And not to leave the ladies out:

And a wild card:

Nope. Never associated with a black person. Ever.

She called for more education on “cultural intelligence,” and supported screening of SMU events.
I call for someone to tell her to STFU. [Update!]
He objected to the use of an image of a black man with glasses that reflected stacks of money and black women dancing provocatively.
Because black men ought not get paid? Because black men should be ashamed to show they are paid? Really? Explain this to me.

Because Black women can't dance provocatively if they so choose? Because black men cannot like seeing black women dancing provocatively if they so choose? Look, if Fisher isn't into displaying his wealth and doesn't appreciate "a girl that can fill a pair of jeans" (quick! Name that song.) That's his business. Just as I don't think anyone should dictate to Fisher how to display his wealth and whether he should look at women dancing, I don't think he should be passing judgment on those who do. Just don't participate.