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Sunday, October 04, 2015

French Euro MP Sidelined After France is a 'White Race' Remark

The quote:
Morano, a former minister with a reputation for gaffes and unguarded Twitter comments, said in a television interview on Saturday that: “We are a Jewish-Christian country... of white race, which takes in foreigners.”
I'm not at all sure about the "Jewish" part but my knowledge of geography and history says the "white race" part is absolutely correct. Is France banishing it's own history?

I don't understand how this is even controversial. Would anyone say that claiming that Japan is an Asian country that takes in [very very very few] foreigners is incorrect? What about China? Look, The Ghost is not a hypocrite. If it's not racist, and lets be clear, this is what the drama is about, to say that Japan is an Asian country then it cannot be racist to say France is a country of [a] White race. I have asked the question before: Aren't the native (or first) inhabitants of Europe allowed to have their own countries just like everyone else?