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Monday, June 08, 2015

Only One "Real"Extreme Eh?

So Henry Giroux is of the opinion that there exists only one extreme in politics:
Conservatives such as David Brooks trade in this kind of discourse only too willing to portray leftists as the real extremists in American society. [my underlines]
Given the amount of academic gobbledegook that is present in this fellow's piece I cannot believe that Henry wrote that sentence the way he did by accident. I believe that Henry believes that there is only really ONE REAL extreme in politics and that they are "the right". For Henry the political spectrum probably looks like this: *The Left-------->*American Public*--------->*Republicans*------>*Police*->| Where The Left is the base of rational political thought and everyone else is somewhere to the right of it with police of course being the worst of the worst. His thinking is kind of like the Kelven scale. Either you are at absolute zero or you are not. The only question is how far from absolute zero are you.

Of course political thought is more like the centigrade scale where there is a marking designating "zero" ("frozen" to the common man) and temperatures above and below freezing. When people inhabit such sane scales one can see clearly there are "real" extremes to either side of zero. Neither of them are very comfortable.

Similarly when we look at the Ph scale we find that 7 is neutral. We find that the human body generally functions best when it has a slightly alkaline Ph (7.4), which I will note would be a "right leaning state". Just saying. If ones body goes to far to either extreme then one is either sick, dead, or soon to be dead. Within this optimal Ph level various parts of the body may have specific Ph levels. Saliva is (should be) acidic. So within the human body the interactions of acidic and alkaline sub-environments creates an optimal state.

In politics and society we can and should see these things on a macro level. Being "Left" is not "right" or "Optimal" anymore than being "Right" is optimal. There are times for one to be "conservative" in nature and times to be liberal in nature. If either one of these things come to dominate, then society is screwed.

Beware of commentators who act as if there is only extreme.