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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Hebdo Comes To America

From WND:
GARLAND, Texas – An officer who was part of the heavy security for a free-speech event called the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” featuring Dutch politician Geert Wilders was shot 0utside the building shortly after the event ended at approximately 7 p.m. Central Time.

Two suspects were shot and killed by police. The injured officer, with the Garland Independent School District, was shot in the lower leg. Identified as Bruce Joiner, his injuries were not life threatening.

As the Joker in The Dark Knight said:

Here. We. Go.

And for those who don't quite get what is at stake:

But Spencer contends that few people seem to grasp that the “very foundation of what makes for a free society” is at stake.

“Some have said that they cannot support such initiatives because they find the Muhammad cartoons to be in poor taste, and consider them in the same way that Christians regard Piss Christ — it’s legal, but that doesn’t make the people doing it any more admirable than other louts and mockers,” he wrote on his Jihad Watch site.

Spencer says that viewpoint essentially is “bowing to violent intimidation” and giving away the authority to decide what is acceptable speech, which is “the road to tyranny.”

“What is at issue here is not being respectful, or refraining from mockery, or deliberately provoking jihadis – what is at issue here is whether the West will submit to murderous threats, which will only lead to more demands for submission and more murderous threats, and whether it will accept Shariah blasphemy laws or stand for a free and genuinely pluralistic society in which people put up with offense even to their core beliefs without resorting to violence or attempts to gain hegemony over the group doing the offending.” [my underlines]

This is the crux. Simply put, one doesn't have a right to not be offended. Liberals simply do not understand this hence their steadfast efforts to criminalize things that they object to.