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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Was Darth Vader a Liberal and Feminist?

After reading the staggering number of Democrats that thought that the president ought to be able to ignore court rulings that he (or they) felt they didn't agree with and wasn't "best" for the country, I slept with that on my mind. This morning I woke up with Star Wars Episode III on my mind and realized that maybe, Darth Vader really wasn't the embodiment of right wing evil as it has been popular to think but was actually what happens when liberalism runs unchecked. Hear me out.

Understand that in Episode III, indeed the entire prequel series there are two agents. The Emperor we see as a power hungry sith who wishes to consolidate power. He does so by getting the senate to grant him more and more "temporary" powers until he has enough power to essentially banish the senate itself. Why does the senate need abolishment? Because it is too tied to rules, discussion, deliberation and all the stuff that gets in the way of "I know what's best for everyone."

Then we have Anakin. Anakin descent into sithdom comes not because he is necessarily power hungry but because he wants what is best for the people he loves the most, who just happen to be women. Anakin cannot deal with the loss of his mother and faced with the threat of losing his lover/wife, he deems that he must get as much power as possible to save her. Anakin is the ultimate captain save a ho.

Anakin was warned many times about his attachments and that they would be his undoing. Similarly, if one listens to the rhetoric of liberals, they talk endlessly about "ending" things that will never be ended. And to get to this unattainable utopia they gain more and more power and restrict the rights of those who oppose them.

Recall that the rebels were those who were fighting to maintain proper order: Civil liberties and the structures of democracy. It was Anakin who saw that such things conflicted with his ability to create the "perfect system" where he could end suffering, as if that was possible.

So it is with modern liberalism. Women want someone other than themselves to pay for their birth control. Forget the rights of those who object and have a constitutionally protected right to not be forced to do so.

Business doesn't want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple but will serve them anything else? Forget their rights make em do it or shut 'em down.

Illegal immigrants flooding the country and displacing citizen workers? Forget the citizens, lets pass laws and appropriate money for the illegal entrants. If you object YOU are the problem.

Man accused of rape? Believe the [no even so called] victim, punish the accused. Why have an investigation or trial. These men have no rights a woman or government must recognize. We have to stop rape you know!

Black guy beats on a store owner while stealing, Assaults a police officer and goes for his weapon? Lets ask for a lynching of the police officer, officers in general and try to change the laws so that we can get the results we want, not the results the facts call for. Black lives matter, unless killed by other blacks.

And so it goes. And on it goes. Darth Vader may have been envisioned as a fantasy Bush Jr. with his "you're either with me or against me." But the more we look we see that this sentiment is more in line with modern American liberalism.