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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Massacre In France But The Real Problem Is Le Pen?

While I generally agree with the sentiments stated in this Russia Times piece, I find the following reference to be completely wrong:
In France it is inevitable that the Muslim community and immigrants in general will come under attack over the following weeks and months. Support will solidify and increase for the continuing rise of the far-right National Front, led by Marine Le Pen, with its anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim focus.

In fact, not only in France but all across Western Europe, the far-right is in the ascendant. Recent anti-Muslim mass demonstrations in Germany already reflected a worrying trend prior to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and now it will only get worse, acting as a diversion away from the culpability of Western governments when it comes to creating conditions for the growth and spread of Islamophobia.

Aside from the obligatory nonsense about Islamophobia, it seems to me that the author, along with many others in the mainstream press has not noticed that these so called "far right" parties are in fact more representative of the general population than the so called "Mainstream" parties. And that it is the money and control over the narratives that these elites have that keep them currently in power.

Furthermore it should be noted that these "far right" parties have been consistent in their desire to NOT be involved in the ongoing wars of aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere. So if the author wants to pick on anyone it should pick on the NON "Far-right" parties that are and have been in power and not the parties that have been at the forefront of calling for taking the threats of Jihadists seriously.

We Africans know full well what happens when you do not take Jihadists seriously. Yes we do.

Le Pen and UKIP and the like are NOT the problem in Europe. They are only a problem if you think that various European nations have no right to self-determination and to maintain the culture and identity of their nations.