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Monday, August 05, 2013

No Group Struck More Than Black Mothers?

So while reading a piece here I saw the quote from Essence Magazine in which the author (not stated) said:
The Zimmerman verdict disappointed and enraged millions this weekend—but perhaps no group of people was more struck than Black mothers, who worry daily about the dangers their sons face because they are profiled without consequence. These are women that ESSENCE seeks to serve and support every day.
Two points here:

1) How is it possible that the group that is "most struck" by the Zimmerman verdict are Black mothers and NOT All black men (fathers or not) who are the targets of said violence? Black mothers can be "concerned" as much as they want. At the end of the day it is the men and boys who are the ones who are potentially on the exit end of a gun. It stands to reason that these men and boys are the most struck by anything in the system that makes it easier for them to be gunned down by so called "well meaning citizens".

Which leads me to point two.

2) I long since stopped reading Essence and Ebony. I would say that Essence is not for me as a black man anyway. They even say so:

These are women that ESSENCE seeks to serve and support every day.
Fine. If I'm not being served and supported then I don't patronize. I'm not one of those folks who sit at counters where I'm not wanted. *ahem*

I have more problems with Ebony. That was a magazine I assumed (wrongly) was for black *people*. However since about 2 years ago it seems it hired a cotorie of so called "feminists" who have proceeded to turn that magazine (website) into a place with a lot of bullshit. It's pretty clear to me that there are no straight black men with an ounce of self respect working in any editorial decision making capacity at that location. The last thing I to last, the last thing is going to be posted on, over there was how men can stop rape. It had to be the WORST, factually erroneous piece I have seen in many many years. Yet it was supported and circulated, without question, by so called Intelligent Negroes(tm).

So yeah, Essence completely blew that opening paragraph. It's been up for just under a month and apparently nobody there has thought to modify that paragraph.