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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korean Missiles

And so this morning I awoke to news that the North and South Koreans have exchanged fire yet again. No really, this is common:

While skirmishes between the two countries have not been uncommon in recent years, the clash appeared to have been the most serious in decades and came amid heightened tensions over the North’s nuclear program.

Oh, so the real reason this is in the news because of that new nuclear facility. Alrighty then. Forgetting that for a minute, I'm wondering why anyone on this side of the earth has the nerve to say things like:

called on North Korea to “halt its belligerent action,”

I mean, not to be an apologist for North Korea, but has anyone else noted that the Korean War is, umm, not over?


There are thousands of US troops in South Korea over this. There is a whole demilitarized zone over this. Seriously folks; this is a war zone. Why would South Korea, knowing that they are still technically "at war" with North Korea, do military exercises in a "disputed area" and fire missiles or any other munition in any direction that could even remotely be thought of as headed towards North Korea?

For contrast, could you imagine during the cold war, or even now, a warship from the former Soviet Union rolling up off the East Coast and "testing missiles"? Can you? I can't. I cannot imagine NORTHCOM noting that and saying: "Oh it's just the old Ruskies testing shit they might send our way one day. No worries."

C'mon son.

Let me make it clearer. Imagine for a minute you have a house and you have a problem with your next door neighbor. Say that neighbor decides one day to take out one of his big guns and march around in front of your house. Say he decides to aim that gun of his at some of your windows, doorways, perhaps your car or even people sitting in your house. Exactly how would you feel about that?

Say that this neighbor then starts firing his weapon in the air. If you say you would be fine with all that, I call you a liar. A damn liar. Now just to add to the scenario: Imagine you asked the man to stop and he said: "dude I'm not on your property so you can't tell me shit."

How would you take that?

That's essentially what South Korea did. The belligerent party here is the South Koreans. However; since they are Allies of the US, they don't get called out for that stuff.