Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Proving Welsing?

Recall that Dr. Welsing and Neely Fuller Jr. posited that the overall reasoning for the White Supremacy System is to protect whites from Genetic Anhiliation since they are the overwhelming minority of the people on the planet. When we see these protesters who are nearly universally white, bring up the spectre of "Obama-care" leading to the rationing of health care, the euthanization of the elderly and the killing of babies, one has to wonder if subconsciously they are playing out that deep seated fear, alluded to in my post yesterday of being overrun by non-white people? In other words, are these rank and file people giving voice to that which those farther up the chain have understood? Mind you, I was around for Hillary-care and the tone, while certainly loud, did not have the clear racial overtones and what I perceive to be genuine (if not unfounded) fear of this black man having power over white people's lives (via health reform).

Just as we have seen the glossing over of the fitness center shooters racial commentary by the news I think there is an ignored side to this that goes further than simply labeling these people racist. I think that we ought to revisit Welsing, Fuller and Bobby Wright and compare notes.