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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Of Burress and Bell

You know it's really "interesting"to see what makes certain people "outraged." So Plaxico Burress took his gun to a nightclub and shot himself in the leg. I suppose the safety was off. Whatever. Did he pose a risk to the patrons? Probably? Did he go there to shoot somebody? Not. Burress was a threat to one person: himself apparently. burress goes to the hospital where a nurse is called in to do a favor and patch up Burress without notifying the police as per the law; going so far as to use a fake name.

As a result Mayor (for life) Bloomberg got on TV and talked about how Burress ought to get the maximum jail time allowed by law and that the nurse be fired. There was no wishy washiness about his statements. You would think that Burress had run up in the club and shot up the place Mmob style and then went on the lam.

This in stark contrast to the execution of Sean Bell and co who were unarmed innocent civilians, by licensed and "trained" so called public servants. Bloomberg says of the emptying of 50 bullets into a car window from point blank range:

It seems excessive.


Says the judge over the case where it is revealed that not a single officer saw a gun and that one of the officers had stopped to reload:

It wasn't criminal.

Says President Elect Obama:

Y'all negroes don't go rioting.

Seriously folks there's a problem here. Shoot a poor nigger on the street and "it might be excessive."

A rich ball playing nigger shoots himself in the leg and it's "maximum sentence."

Badge wielding Negro with a gun on the FDR, in a fit of road rage kills a young man in a Honda for cutting him off. Negro with a badge gets off.

Police officer knocks down a cyclist in Times Square in full view of hundreds of people with cameras and the police report reads that the cyclist assaulted the officer. Where was Mr. Bloomberg's calls for "maximum sentences" and "fines" then?

To anyone who ends up on the Burress Jury I have one word: Nullification.