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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Misplaced Priorities

I simply could not let this pass. Apparently Mr. Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe who is currently overseeing an economy with 1600% inflation is threw himself a birthday party:

Zimbabwe’s economy is so dire that bread vanished from store shelves across the country on Wednesday after bakeries shut down, saying government price controls were requiring them to sell loaves at a loss. The price controls are supposed to shield consumers from the nation’s rampant inflation, which now averages nearly 1,600 percent annually...

The 21st February Movement, founded as a youth welfare organization in 1986, said it had raised 300 million Zimbabwe dollars — about $65,000 at black-market currency rates — from the public for Mr. Mugabe’s birthday party. The event, to be held in Gweru, Zimbabwe’s third largest city, is to feature a parade of specially chosen children delivering birthday greetings.

Real leadership would not have such a celebration, rather all that food and money would have went to the people. I mean how difficult is it to understand?


Anonymous said...

This Garveyite expects nothing other than venomous slander from the NY Times. We know what is going on in Zimbabwe, but the "crazy dictator" story angle has long ago worn thin.

sondjata said...

Well yes, we expect the NY Times to be slanderous but the same material can be found elsewhere. The fact of the matter is that Zimbabwe has serious, serious problems and a birthday bash is the LAST thing that the government or anyone else in Zimbabwe with access to cash should be doing.

How much did it cost the state of Zimbabwe to fly Mugabe to ROME to weep over the POPE? completely unneccessary and waste of state resources.

sondjata said...

Oh and for the record, Marcus and Amy have quite a strong record of cutting critique of black leadership.

Anonymous said...

Correct. I'll take Garvey's critiques over the Times any day, and we are better for it. The fact that he "weeped" over the pope shows an African in a state of religious enslavement, which cannot be condoned by this Garveyite.