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Saturday, January 07, 2006

How Much Does The Brain Drain Cost?

All Africa reports via the Ghanian Chronicle That Africa pays Us$4bn a Year On Western Expatriates:

Africa spends US$4 billion per year, representing 35% of total official development aid to the continent, to employ some 100,000 Western experts.

These are recruited to perform functions generically described as 'technical assistance', which could have been done by African experts lost to the brain drain of the western world.

There's not too much I could say about this. Interesting that I had only recently posted on the rejection of Garveyites by the "Plenipotentiary" of Liberia back in the 1920's. So it appears that in some manner, the slave trade still continues in that Africa is drained of human resources and then pays the places that benefit from those resources for goods and services.

Sad ain't it?

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