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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Of Padilla and Black Folks

Now you're reading the title and trying to figure out how the heck I connect the situation of Jose Padilla (the so called dirty bomber) and the state of Black folks. Well here it is. Today the NY Times posted an article entitled U.S. Indicts Padilla After 3 Years in Pentagon Custody in which we learn:

Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen held for three years as an "enemy combatant" suspected of plotting a "dirty bomb" attack in this country, has been indicted on charges that he conspired to "murder, kidnap and maim" people overseas.

A federal grand jury in Miami returned the indictment against Padilla and four others. While the charges allege Padilla was part of a terrorism conspiracy, they do not include the government's earlier allegations that he planned to carry out attacks in the United States.

Never mind the problem that Padilla was incarcerated (they call it "detained") for 3 years on suspicion of plotting to harm US citizens. We've said clearly that if the US govt. indeed had proof of such a thing Padilla would have been prosecuted straight away. This only confirms that the Govt. had no case against Padilla and therefore had to make up some other "crime" in order keep him incarcerated..I mean detained.

So what do they base this "planned to carry out" charge?

Padilla was arrested at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport in 2002 after returning from Pakistan. The federal government has said he was trained in weapons and explosives by members of al-Qaida.

Although the Justice Department has said that Padilla was readying attacks in the United States, the charges against him and four others allege they were part of a conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim persons in a foreign country and provide material support to terrorists abroad.

See the very idea that Padilla had "trained" in camps means that he was going to carry out some deed or so the logic goes. Hmmmm. Ok. As is the case with a growing numbers of laws in the US, possible intent to commit a crime is enought to arrest someone. Never mind that no crime was actually committed. In fact anyone who has taken serious thought of killing thier boss and has a knife in their possession should be liable to be "detained" under the thinking here. This is the very reason why I detest "Hate crime" legislation. A person should be convicted for thier actions and not thier thoughts. That a Nazi hates my black behind should not be illegal. The Nazi has the right to think whatever he or she wants. When the Nazi attaches me to the back of a pickup and drags me to peices, the Nazi has committed murder and should be convicted of said crime. You hate black folks, let nature give you a bleeding ulcer.

Back on topic though. Padilla is being incarcerated..I mean..detained due to suspected association with those who wish to kill people. Ok Should we follow that logic then we should examine the following. Alternet posted an article entitled: Hate Crimes in Prison in which we find:

While the precise number of Aryan Brotherhood members and associates is not known, the gang has chapters in virtually every major state and federal prison in the country. Estimates of AB's total strength vary widely, but nearly all exceed 15,000 members and associates nationwide, with roughly half in prison and half out.

"You gain ranks by battles, by 'missions,' not all of it locked up," explained tree 1488. "Brothers grow as close as vets do when they go into battle fighting for a common cause. We are there for each other even on the outside. I have a high ranking it has taken me nearly seven years of missions to earn."

The Oklahoma Aryan Brotherhood member went on the explain to the white nationalists on Stormfront that when he was first released from prison, "my neighbors on the outside were taken aback by my tattoos at first -- sleeved out arms with shoulder caps that read 'Aryan Honor,'" but that he gradually won them over with his gardening and baking acumen. "I give them fresh vegetables when they are in season, cakes and so forth. I clue them in to white nationalism if they show an interest. Aryan Honor is the credo I live by."

So let's get this straight: Padilla may have went to Pakistan and Maybe Afghanistan. He may be motivated to kill "foreigners" But there is no proof that he has done so. Yet Aryan Nation members and the like, who clearly are in organizations intent on killing black people and have done so are allowed to walk around and not be detainied. Who exactly does the US government care about here? I think Kanye West is getting close to the answer.

I find it hypocritical and dangerous that members of a known terrorist organization are free to walk around until they actually kill a black man, woman or child, while Jose Padilla who has done nothing but take a long plane trip and possibly got the best workout regimin in his life, but committed no acts of violence against anybody has been locked up for 3 years and is being indicted becuase he may pose a threat to "foreigners."

Of Padilla and Black Folks.

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dsekou said...

there was a story on 'this american life' -- ira glass' radio program carried by npr-- where he was examining the summer camp phenomena that many kids still go through each year . i thought it'd be all stories about arts and crafts and learning to paddle a canoe on 'lake watchaluggie' but there was this one segment on the show about "israeli army summer camp" . the 'camp' is sponsored by the israeli government to offer the teen offspring of american and european jews the opportunity to spend the summer in israel , in a military style camp where the 'kids' receive a little propaganda for 'the cause' and are instructed in weapons training , marksmanship ,and fire actual weapons as an enticement for them to one day move to israel and of course be prepared for the obligatory army service expected of each israeli.

considering the way israel kills with impunity whomever , wherever and whenever it pleases --how much difference is there between padilla going to a training camp and those jewish kids each summer going to 'israeli army summer camp' ?

also , i agree that the "intent to commit crimes" is the equivalent to 'thought crimes' in orwell's "1984" --in other words you're guilty of thinking about plotting illegal acts --not guilty of actually doing anything illegal.

the government had no case against padilla on the "dirty bomb" thing and again no evidence in the "leaving the gas on to blow up apartment buildings" plot that they accused the guy of and illegally held him for three years , so sensing possibly a huge legal fight and more international bad publicity as gulag operating , leg-breaking fascists that the bush administration is, they resort to charging padilla with the good old "conspiracy" offense used by government so often in the past against various political can anyone prove that they were not planning or thinking something illegal ?

in conspiracy cases a significant amount of the burden of proof subtly shifts from the accuser to the defendant--how convenient if you are the government and you have no case to begin with ! simply do as this 'government' has done when you hold a citizen for three years and then you can't find anything substantial to convict him on -- just claim "conspiracy".