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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Did they actually say (or write) that?

This morning on"This Week" was comedy hour as Donald Rumsfeld made the following statement regarding Nuclear vs. Biological agents:

"Unlike nuclear agents Biological agents can affect people over generations."
Is he serious? Perhaps he's not seen what radiation can do to people.

Yesterday, while doing my laundry I stumbled upon some Jehoviah's Witness material. I decided to entertain myself by reading the article they had entitled: "Can the Environment be saved?"

Folks..They spent about 3and one half pages, out of four, discussing what is wrong with the environment. The last half page contained a "solution" that basically was: "man" cannot do anything but destroy and the only solution is the Second Coming. The thing that scared me about this piece was that there are many many people who believe this and therefore do not care about theier impact on the environment. This belief in the Second Coming of Christ has been around for some 2000 years, with each generation believing it would happen in thier lifetime and all being wrong. You would think that with 2000 years of incorrect guessing as to when the Second Coming would happen, that people such as Jehoviah's Witnesses would at least say:

"Well since we have NO CLUE when this Second Coming is going to occur, we suggest the following actions be taken by believers so that just in case the Second Coming doesn't happen in the lifetime of our children's children's children's to the seventh generation, we do not hand them Asthma and Cancers of every kind."

No I guess that would be too worldly.

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