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Monday, December 06, 2004

Ohio Certifies

Though I'm in the extreme minority in my peers who believe Bush won the election (though I can't say he did so fair and square). There has been a ruckus regarding the Ohio numbers. Apparently Secretary "Black"well will announce the certified results for Ohio with the gap closing from 136,000 to 119,000 with the provisional Ballots added. Even though there has been some debate over the process of removing "bad" provisionals, Provisional ballots were the only real means for Kerry to have taken Ohion. As Garvey's Ghost soberingly pointed out, there were 155,000 provisional ballots cast in Ohio. John Kerry would have had to take nearly every single one of them in order to win. That was simply an statistical impossibility. as Garvey's Ghost pointed out, a large number of provisional ballots were cast in areas with next to 0 black populations and places where George Bush won by wide margins. Thus GG concluded that it would be impossible for Kerry to take Ohio based on provisional ballots. Then of course we have the spoiled ballots. As with last year people have been stuck on Chad for all the wrong reasons. Since GArvey's Ghost does not vote we can look at this from a more dispassioned position:

1) US citizens routinely allow their votes to be eliminated via the Electoral College system. If American Citizens felt that "every vote mattered" they would have eliminated the EC a long time ago.

2) barring the use of the EC, American citizens, if they cared about "every vote" would have gone for a proportional system, where EC votes are given based on stict proportion of votes won.

3) Speaking directly to black citizen voters: I fail to understand why they do not understand that they are still living under Dred Scott. You vote when where and how white folks let you. End of story. Why are we still wasting time shocked and amazed that half the country votes with Bush and co? Why are we surprised that white liberals don't care more than it takes to write an article or two on the subject of voter fraud? In all the years that black voters have been assigned poor voting machines, where were there elected officials? Why haven't there been huge pushes BEFORE NOW to address the issue of inadequate voting Apparati? Furthermore Black voter, why did you abandon Al Sharpton in the primaries? Your so called leadership told you to back Dean and Kerry and every other white man. But could not muster up a single bit of solidarity for the "black candidate"so that certain black and anti-war issues could have remained on the front burner. Fora abanding the black client, you deserved what you got on Election day.

Sound harsh? It is. Life's like that. Politics is like that. Until black voters cease to be pawns of the DLC and the RNC we will not get the kind of respect we're getting what we deserve.. no respect at all.

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