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Monday, July 05, 2004

Of Bantus and Bill

Bill Cosby was on the mic recently at a Rainbow Coalition meeting. He repeated much of his critique of "certain" Blacks for not doing their part. Again I had disagreements with many people over Cosby's points. The most common argument made being that schools are poor, the people are poor, racism and other things like that. Today the NY Times had an excellent article entitled: For Bantu Refugees, Hard-Won American Dreams, by William L Hamilton which is about some "bantu" refugees from Somalia now living in Tuscon Arizona. One point that was brougt up was:

The children, a 15-year-old and two 8-year-olds, are in school, earning good grades and, like other Bantu children, school officials say, outperforming the general student population. Mr. Edow is saving money to buy a house...they make a wary peace with African-Americans at home and at school who consider them foreign.

Now Arizona does not keep graduation rate records, but it's neightbor New Mexico does, The black graduation rate in NM is 50% and Nevada's is 40.5%. So why are the Bantu children, who mind you have parents who were illiterate AND skillless prior to coming to the United States, outperforming thier peers? AND they did not say they were out performing their black peers they said all their peers. So here we have a large part of the critique against Cosby falling apart.

Mind you, these individuals have received much help from various agencies that may or may not be available to citizens. however I seriously doubt that such services ( job training, etc) are not available to American blacks. But apparently the attitude and behaviors of these Bantu are so odd to previously imported "Bantu ( African Americans)" that we have a tenuos relationship with these arrivals.

at Mission Vista one Friday, Ms. Osman's son, Abdullahi Osman, 15, sat at home at the dining table, homework assignments and an English-Somali dictionary in his lap...Until I finish my education, I don't want to do anything else," said Abdullahi, who dreams of becoming a doctor. He said that books were his most valued possessions, though he checks them out of the public library.

...Hamadi, who goes to school and helps his brother at his job at a Boston Market restaurant, said of his new life, "I don't have time for watching TV"

The "Bantu" exhibit the behaviors that many young AA's, and specifically the ones Bill Cosby was referring to:

1) Doing Homework on A Friday. Not playing basketball or looking for some "late night Basketball program."
2) Valuing education (books) above all else
3) Working low paying food service jobs as a means of income (exercising collective work and responsibility) rather than sell drugs and shoot up thier own neighborhoods.

So for those who want to rail against Bill Cosby for trying to hold up "white standards" or of infairly targeting the (as the Black Commentator termed them) Downwardly Mobile. Take a look at the Black Bantu Africans are doing with their black selves,


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sondjata said...

On : 7/7/2004 12:37:57 PM d sekou (www) said:

Have to agree with that observation. The African refugee children i have met while volunteering in a local afterschool program are so sweet , mannerly , and POLITE that it is almost unreal .

They make a point of saying hello and goodbye to every adult upon arriving and leaving everyday and often emphasize their gratitude to us with a hug and say "Thankyou for helping me with my schoolwork" .

Unlike our kids , they know their basics in math and the only trouble they have is in Language arts because english is not their primary tongue .

It is so refreshing to work with kids who appreciate ANYTHING that you do for them , say "PLEASE" and "THANKYOU" regularly and actually WANT to learn ..They only fight to defend themselves from the constant taunts, attacks and insults from the MANY rotten-acting grammar-school-dropout bullies among our own kids .

A sister i know who visited Senegal reported seeing as many as twenty kids at night under a street light doing math problems with sticks in the dirt instead of paper and pencil , while the oldest kid held a ragged ,worn textbook and called out the numbers .

Over here we exalt the worst characteristics in us and ridicule and put down our qualities that are the best . We now reject and make fun of the things that once made us a great people .