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Monday, June 28, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

No. I have not seen the movie. Why? I hate and despise lines. I knew it would be packed so I didn't even bother. I will probably see it this week. What I wanted to point out was the following found at Alternet in an article entitled: Moore Light, Moore heat.

DISNEY'S EFFORT TO CENSOR MICHAEL MOORE: At the direction of CEO Michael Eisner (who is a Bush campaign contributor), the Walt Disney Company prohibited its Miramax division from distributing "Fahrenheit 911." The company enjoys a cozy relationship with President Bush's brother, Jeb. As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush serves as a trustee for the state employees' pension fund. That fund owns approximately 7.3 million shares of Disney stock. Eisner told reporters he was refusing to distribute the film because Disney is "such a nonpartisan company, do not look for us to take sides."

...DAVID BOSSIE'S HYPOCRISY: The conservative front group "Citizens United," which is headed by Clinton attacker David Bossie, is trying to get the Federal Election Commission to intervene and censor advertising for "Fahrenheit 9/11". Just two years ago, however, it was Bossie who led the charge against FEC interventions. On 6/12/02, The Hill newspaper reported him saying his group feels "FEC rules and regulations are abhorrent...they restrict the American people's ability to have an influence in politics."

The first paragraph had a big 'duh" factor about it. but that second one was a nice surprise. As soon as the news broke last week that certain republicans wanted the ads for F-9:11 to be pulled ahead of the Presidential Elections, I smelled a rat. To have these people exposed for the two faced rats they are is nice. "it's about the rules" said David on ABCNews. yes I'm sure it is.


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