Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Republican Plantation Revealed Again

Back in July I posted about how the Republican party is a plantation for white [conservative] people similar to how the DNC is a plantation for black people:
If anything shows how the RNC is basically a plantation for white folks, it is the failure to repeal the ACA. Whether you agree with repealing the ACA or not is not important. What is important is that the RNC spent most of the Obama administration discussing and declaring how the ACA needed to be repealed and replaced with something "better" (IMO anything not single payer for a "basic level" of coverage with a free market for anything else is not "better"). They campaigned on it. They have governors sue the govt. They got a "conservative" supreme court justice to declare a penalty a tax, in clear contradiction to the actual text. But then against massive odds Trump became president.
The Republicans say whatever they think will make the gullible white people who are not aligned with the DNC to vote for them and then once [back] in office, continue to be the right wing of the DNC, where they believe in what the DNC believed in yesterday. Our most recent "revelation", at least for those not paying attention, was the Republican response to Trump's DACA kinda-sorta- repeal.

We already knew that DACA was unconstitutional. For that reason alone, both Dems and Republicans should be shoulder to shoulder against that program. They are not. While we fully expect the DNC to be the traitor party that it is, we see how low the RNC has fallen, in which its members, who are supposed to be representatives of actual US Citizens, lining up to represent the interests of foreign nationals.

When you have half of the people in government (conservative estimate) working on behalf of foreign nationals you have an occupation government. However; how many of these persons who have publicly declared themselves agents of foreign nationals will be returned to their seats after the next election?

I have little sympathy for the DACA folks. They are the victims of government officials that refused to do their duties. Their parents should have been deported a long time ago. Had that happened these DACA folk would have been in their home countries a long time ago with their families. The fact that government officials (across party lines) failed in their duties and in many cases have broken immigration law and no prosecutions happened (and continue to NOT happen) is a slap in the face of every citizen (and legal immigrant) who finds themselves looking for proof of identity when they open bank accounts, purchase cars, get drivers licenses and the like, all following the laws and expecting those same laws to be applied to everyone else.

It is a slap in the face of people who for decades paid property taxes into school systems for their children and grandchildren to have funds diverted for bilingual education for children who should not even be in the classrooms. For expanded classrooms that decreases per-pupil teaching time. For monies that are spent on school meal programs for children who should not be in the school and should not be on federal food programs to begin with. A slap in the face of citizens who face water shortages due to overpopulation. The wages that are depressed, the jobs that are no longer available (automation notwithstanding).

These agents of foreign nationals, calling themselves Republicans don't care about you or your "rights" Mr. white man. All they want from you is the product of your labour and your "obligatory" vote come election day. If you comply with the latter (since the former is not exactly voluntary) you are signaling that you like the plantation very much.