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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Clinton E-Mail Problem

Since I was told that the e-mail thing is just some unimportant thing to "get" Hillary, let me state for everyone why this is a "big deal". First and foremost, those who work in the Fed are required by law to have their communications recorded for the purposes of public knowledge (due consideration for classified material). It is how we get to find out if a government official has been "less than truthful" in their statements and actions. There are also security concerns but I'm not addressing that here, since as we've been told, the e-mails from Clinton's private server (no doubt being looked for by hackers world wide) didn't end up in Wikileaks like other "official" and "secure" communiques.

What is relevant here is that the public and relevant government entities can *never* know if they have everything.


Why? Because as the owners of the server(s) in question, the Clintons or their designated agents can and could have deleted any data from the machine at any time without breaking any laws whatsoever. None of that data would be recoverable. Ever. Since we will never know what, if anything, was ever deleted from that/those machines, we can never know if all relevant e-mails have been disclosed.

It is also entirely possible that Clinton used this private system to discuss things with other government (and non-government) personel who ALSO had/have their own private e-mail systems who's data is ONLY viewable via court order or warrant. And prior to such an order or warrant being made, any data destroyed on those systems can be wiped at any time. No, they cannot be charged with obstruction of justice if they have never been put on notice that x data is to be preserved for an investigation.

It is also possible that those persons were also directed by Clinton or anyone else, that such communications are to be destroyed after reading in order to not leave a trail (Snapchat anyone?). One might think this is all conspiracy theories, but such "this conversation never happened" actions happen all the time.

Lastly as it pertains to Clinton's fitness for office, Personally I'm already done with her and her "isn't it a time for a woman president" line. If the basis of your candidacy is your genitalia then I'm looking elsewhere. But aside from that, with this e-mail thing she has shown that she is of the opinion that even as head of a department certain rules simply do not apply to her. This means that she will take that same attitude to the White House. Now certainly she would not be the first or last person in the White House to have such an attitude, but I would think the public would at least expect that such an attitude not be put on display prior to getting there.