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Friday, March 13, 2015

Because Talking Shit Is Easier Than Running Shit

From the Detroit News:
Kirk Bennett has $10 million to spend on 10 cash-strapped city departments in post-bankruptcy Detroit.

There are pressing needs in police, fire and EMS. But supporting services in garbage, lighting and parks ranks high too.

And Bennett needs to reach a consensus with 10 classmates for this role-playing exercise in civic engagement during his Wayne State University’s honor course.

“We realized how difficult it was. There isn’t enough money, period, and then you have to figure out who gets it even if this little amount of money isn’t going to make an impact. I’m really glad people have to do this for their job,” said Bennett, a 21-year-old Detroiter.

That sentiment is at the heart of a community education program underway in Detroit called CitizenDetroit.

Scarface Rapped: I never seen a man cry, till I seen that man die.

As is usually the case, people who don't run anything have lots of opinions about what should be done and who should pay for it. Then when they get into office (power) and the hard decisions have to be made and folks need to be told "no", then it dawns on people what really goes into the necessary decision making. Inevitably one becomes really impatient dealing with people who think there is a magic money tree (taxes) that you're sitting on that you are withholding just because you want to.