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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paul Gottinger: Total Idiot

Paul Gottinger joins Paul Urie in the camp of Total Idiots (tm). What has landed him there? Come follow me. I'm going to begin near the end because when I read what I will quote I new that Counterpunch has basically allowed the children to run the place:
Since 1976 there has been 1,403 people convicted of a crime, sentenced to the death penalty, and then executed. This number is only slightly larger than the number of Americans killed by cops LAST YEAR ALONE.

Imagine if ISIS, or Black gangs were killing at this scale. What would the country’s reaction be?

The total idiocy of this statement is beyond belief. You would think a grade school kid with absolutely no knowledge of how the world works wrote that. I don't know how many people ISIS has killed in the past year but I do know Boko Haram has killed 10,000 in 2014. I suppose black lives in Nigeria taken by other blacks don't really matter.

And if we put ISIS in the same group as Al-Qaeda then we'd have to include 9-11, London, Spain, and that total goes beyond 1403. But you know, you can't speak on that without being an "Islamophobe".

As for black gang members, exactly what rock did Paul come from under to not know that black gang members have left a swath of death in black communities for decades. Their total is FAR more than 1403. In fact, over 6000 black people were murdered in 2011 (cited source:

Also why does Paul act as if every person who has been shot and killed by a police officer was innocent? Has Paul never heard of justifiable homicide? Does he think that police do not have the same rights as anyone else to defend their lives with deadly force if necessary? One could begin to take Paul seriously if he actually separated out justifiable homicides from straight criminal killings. But his failure to do so means he cannot be allowed at the adult table.

So with that, Paul Gottinger, with a straight face acts as if the biggest danger to black lives are the police. This is the highest form of Tom foolery I've seen this week. The Ghost does not deal in Tom foolery and Counterpunch needs to rid its ranks of people who engage in it too.

As for the actual subject of his post:

According to friends of Robinson, he was tripping on hallucinogenic drugs the night he was shot. One of the calls to the police came from friends wanting help for Robinson.
Does Paul have any idea how dangerous a person who is high on hallucinogenic drugs can be? If you're lucky they think you're a cute little animal. If you're very unlucky they think you are their mortal enemy and will try to kill you. Nobody knows exactly what went on in the premises. That's why we have what are called investigations. You'd think that after the repeated collapse of the Ferguson incident that folks like Paul would be very careful about making assumptions about facts they do not have. You'd also think that Paul would remind the reader that the deceased was awaiting trial for armed robbery. Like that's not relevant.

In all seriousness, If the "friends' knew that Robinson wasn't a threat (something the responding police officer cannot know), why did they bother to call the police? Why not wait for him to come down off his high? Oh, their friend was out of control and THEY felt threatened and didn't consider that someone who DOESN'T know Robinson from the next Harry would have even more reason to feel threatened. Bright people we're dealing with here. Anyway more Foolery:

In 2007 Kenny shot and killed a drunk man holding a pellet gun. His punishment? He earned the Medal of Valor, the department’s highest honor.
Because police should stop whatever THEY are doing whenever a suspect points a gun at them.

In all seriousness, what kind of fantasy world do people like Paul live in where the police are to assume that guns pointed at them are of the non-lethal type? Why does Paul insult our intelligence when we know that one should never, ever, point a gun, or something that can be mistook for a gun at someone who is literally licensed to kill.

So with these inane comments Paul Gottinger joins Rob Urie in the club of Total Idiots(tm).