Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just Have A Seat Tim

Long ago I wrote a piece about Tim Wise, because I felt that he doth speaketh too much on behalf of black folks. Tim Wise has apparently not learned much since then.
Think we are stretching the truth? Tim Wise clarified “My point is that the people who go looking for danger and ‘excitement’ are overwhelmingly privileged white men, and if you have evidence I’m wrong present it…jesus christ, find me evidence that low income folks of color go looking for death defying shit like this.”
Yes, there is a standing joke among black folks that certain things are "white folks crazy shit". It's a funny joke until you realize that the reason why places like, oh say, America exists is because white folks did their crazy "hey lets go THAT way instead of THIS way" attitude. Black folks unfortunately use the "that's what white folks do" in order to keep themselves from doing new and improved stuff. It actually stunts their development as a group.

Black folks engaging in "death defying shit"

Yeah, so while white dude is on the side of a mountain with safety gear and posing no danger to the public, Tim Wise decides its best to not comment on the black folks who ride their bikes and ATV's in the middle of public thoroughfares with no safety equipment and endangering the public. We had a group of such riders cause a "situation" on the West Side Highway in NYC, where a man was assaulted because he did "death defying shit" like try to get away from a mob. Say, did Mountain Bike Dude assault anyone?

But Tim is playing the regular Social Justice Denigration Card(tm) like it was done to Matt Taylor who had just helped land a spacecraft on a comet. But because he wore a shirt that offended the perpetually offended they denigrated his achievements to talk about his fucking shirt. Never you mind the spacecraft landing on a flying comet. The SHIRT.

Same kind of thinking is present in Tim Wise's commentary. Rather than sit down and appreciate the skill that went into the stunt. He HAD to find a way to denigrate the person. This is like way back when black folks were protesting the Space program. I wonder how many of them would gladly live without the technological and medical advances that came as a result of that program. Folks always trying to tear other people down with their accomplishments but don't spend the time and effort to make their own journey to the "undiscovered country".

Tim Wise might still wake up and realize that they best way to help black folks is to stop making excuses for us. Of course, there is no money to be made doing that. Trust me. I know.