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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Santa is a White Male. Deal With It.

"I don't really think there should be a white Santa Claus," said one mother whose son shuns white mall Santas. "You've got to do what your kids believe in because if you don't, it's like, you're lying to them."
Stupid. stupid. Stupid.

You know Negroes annoy me a great deal sometimes. Really. they do. Negroes hate their own origins so much that they go and tell other people to place them in their own mythos' so that they can feel better about themselves. Sad thing is that those people are too scared to tell these Negroes to fuck off. The latest nonsense is the apparent stunning fact that Santa is a white male.

Now personally I do not celebrate Christmas. There are two reasons for this:

1) I am not a Christian. Therefore I have no reason to celebrate the "birth of Christ".

2) I don't like the idea of telling children that some overweight white male somehow made an entrance to my home and dropped off gifts when the reality is mom and dad (most cases mom) worked and saved their money (often imperiling their future finances) to plant a toy that will soon be broken or forgotten under a tree. Essentially lying to their children. Later they will punish those same children for telling lies themselves. Set the example.

But I have NEVER, EVER bought into the idea that Santa needs to be black for the supposed self-esteem of black children. Just as I objected to, and still object to Idris Elba (and the Asian) playing in Thor.

So let's get this straight for the folks upset about Santa not being black. Santa Claus is derived from a German myth. You do realize Black people do NOT originate in northern Europe right? Santa Claus is another name for Saint Nick or Saint Nicholas, also known as Sinter Klaus. You also have the figure of Kris Kringle. This long standing germanic myth of a guy who handed out gifts to children became embedded into Christianized Europe along with the Tree of Thor and such things as Yule tidings.

The English character of Father Christmas as a huge white man in red robes were merged into this conglomerate of ideas to solidify the Santa Claus as we know him. This character made it's way in the US by obvious means.

So lets put this dumb shit to rest: Santa as a figure has it's origins in Europe and out of European pre-Christian myths. He was appropriated into Christianized Europe as was the Christmas tree, Easter Eggs and many other things not relevant to this blog post. All the "black" Santa's are essentially Santa in blackface. The worst thing about that is that millions of people will see black Santa and think that the history somehow includes them when it does not. These same people grow up to be the same people making silly complaints of racism, when the truth is pointed out about him.

As for the silly Negroes, how about stop hating on your own origins and celebrate your OWN historic celebrations? If you do that you don't have to worry about making things black, they'll just be that way. But you know, it's easier to complain and edge your way into other peoples culture than to do and maintain your own.

Ex -slaves complaining about the ex-master's holiday symbols. *smh*