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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Obama to Reach 2 Million Deportations: So?

Under the Obama administration, there have thus far been 1,869,025 removals.

If removals continue at this same pace, President Obama’s administration will reach two million deportations in 130 days – on April 26, 2014.

It is thus accurate to say that President Obama will surpass President Bush’s record on deportations – unless he stops deporting people well before April 26.

It is also accurate to say that President Obama has deported more people than any previous president except George W. Bush.

It is also accurate to predict that President Obama is on track to surpass, in just over six years, the sum total of all deportations carried out under the most recent Bush administration.
And the problem is what?

Every sovereign nation on the planet has the right to say who can come in and who can stay.

Every sovereign nation on the planet has the right to deport individuals or groups who are not supposed to be in that country.

The US has had an explosion of illegal immigration since the 1986 amnesty so why does it shock anyone that there are more deportations than ever?

Why do people in the country illegally think they have a right to stay? It's not even in the UN charter.

Why the non-concern for low wage, low skilled US citizens who currently bear the brunt of increased competition in the job market? Oh, you think raising the minimum wage will fix that eh? Oh, you think that by making those persons "legal" you can pretend like there is no "citizen employment problem". I see you.