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Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Not The NYPD's Job...

What's wrong with the above video? Don't know?

Well the problem is what Tony Herbert said. See it's not the NYPD's fault for the kids running around the mall fighting and carrying on. No. It is firstly the fault of the persons involved and secondly it is the fault of the parents for fucking up raising their children so they think it's OK to act a total criminal fool in public.

How about this. Be in constant contact and constant talk with the parents of these folks to let 'em know WE will not tolerate their kids rampaging. How about when and if one of these kids gets popped by the police after or during one of these events we don't go talking about police brutality and save that for actual innocent people like Louima and Diallo?

But it's always easy to put the onus on the police (the state) rather than on the people who are legally responsible for the folks acting a fool. It's not the job of the NYPD to properly socialize our children.