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Thursday, December 26, 2013

12 years A Slave Italy Poster Reveals Truth

One of the things that often bothers me about films about historical black events is the focus on the "good white folks". It's the white savior syndrome that creeps in to a film for no other reason than to get the white audience members to identify or relate to the film. As an aside, it is interesting, thought quite explainable, how black people are willing and able to identify with white characters in movies that have ZERO black people in it (see the fascination with God Father movies) but somehow it is "difficult" to have white audiences "relate" to a black [themed] movie.

Anyway, below you'll see the photos for the Italian posters for 12 years A Slave. Clearly, someone thought (perhaps correctly) that Italians would be unable or unwilling to see the movie if the focus appeared to be on the actual central character of the movie.

While Fassbender could possibly rate a large poster due to his lengthy performance, The fact that Brad Pitt appears for maybe 20 minutes but yet gets his as the central point of poster says a whole lot.

And poor Lupita Nyong'o doesn't even rate a mention on the poster and she had more screen time than Pitt.

Patsey: Whole Life A Slave.

Perhaps the Mandela movie will feature a huge picture of De Klerk on it's poster.