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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Simple Beauty of Tanned Skin

Just don't have the other things that usually go along with dark skin.
Women quickly realized that they looked and felt better with tanned skin. But why?

Tanned skin hides skin imperfections like cellulite, dark spots, wrinkles and veins. Suddenly the skin, even of an older woman, suddenly looks glowing and more youthful when tanned. Cellulite is smoothed, dark spots are muted, wrinkles seem to disappear, and varicose and spider veins are camouflaged and sometimes completely covered by the bronze glow.

Women? What women?
Men notice you, girlfriends comment on your beautiful tan, and clothes and jewelry look even better against tan skin.
I wonder when these women figured that out?
Wouldn’t it be great if we could get that tan we all crave without ruining our skin? Coco Chanel had no choice but we do, because we have sunless tanners. Sunless tanners offer a safe option to get the tan we crave without the dangers of the sun.
We who? I believe nature provided some of us protection from the "dangers of the sun".