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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Manufacturing Is Tied To What?

He argues, for instance, that the demise of US manufacturing dooms the country not just intellectually but creatively, because innovation is tied to the process of making things. (And, unfortunately, he has the figures to back that up.) WIRED got Smil’s take on the problems facing America and the world.
Mr. Garvey back in 1920 told the African: Where are your ships, your factories and men of big affairs. People thought he was being ridiculous to want black folks to create what they wish to consume and engage in all levels of commerce. I wonder why? Oh right.

People who do not solve their own problems (making things) depend on those persons who DO solve their problems. The people who create the solutions profit and progress and the ones who consume the solutions feed those who create the solutions. Take a walk around various ethnic neighborhoods and see who is producing solutions to their problems and who are not. line that up with levels of poverty and employment. The results should be "interesting".