Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Walk Video

First watch the video.

Now read.

Apparently the video was made last year. I first saw it today while watching the NYC marathon. This video is amazing in it's complete exposure of the total fuck up that African/Black so called leadership has been. For those who are unawares, I am a Garveyite. Marcus and Amy repeatedly and forcefully told black folks that they needed to get their act together and do for self. What was "do for self"? Do for self is what every other group on the planet does. It is living together in communities that you control economically and politically. It is valuing your culture and people. It is passing traditions and knowledge onto the next generation. It is not being exploited by others.

A cursory look at African history will show that the start of the "great stagnation and devolution" of the African starts roughly with the Jihads in West Africa which allowed the slave trade to flourish in that area of the world. Similar issues were in play in central Africa among the Ngola with different groups warring with each other and selling their captors whome they, even today, didn't even recognize as better allies and kin than material for barter. But those issues are not the point of this post.

Since the so called emancipation of African nations from colonialism there have been innumerable coups, counter-coups and general bullshit. All this warfare, that continues to this day, and a total lack of unity of purpose and direction (not necessarily of thought) by the so called leadership has left a number of resolvable issues STILL plaguing Africa. The above video highlights one of them.

While so called "rebels" in Africa exploit their natural resources to purchase arms, the people they give their money and resources to build state of the art hospitals and orderly societies where their women can complain about "first world problems". Meanwhile all these "rebels" have managed to do is continue to make life miserable for the people I assume they are liberating. Hell, the other day I was reading an article on one of the countries and between the two blocks of buildings was a dirt road with garbage strewn along the gutters on each side. No, let me rephrase, garbage about two feet or so extending from the sidewalk.

Question: What the hell is that about?

Why is it that a country with so many unemployed men, has streets so filthy? You want to tell me that the folks living there are so accepting of filth lining the streets that it hasn't occurred to anyone to clean it? Even if there is no money, do it for fucking barter! All those businesses supposedly operating on that block could not band together to afford to pay some enterprising folks to keep the street clean? Really?

Don't even get me started on the apparent "necessity" of getting the Chinese to build roads. You'd think that as long as concrete and asphalt has been known about that these countries could manage to make them without outside intervention.

Anyway back to the video. Recently I criticized the defense of Cecile Kyenge's appointment to the Italian cabinet as being incredibly short sighted because Italy did not need her, but people in her native land did.

I've seen video of European doctors who visit various places in Africa to do what is considered routine eye surgery. I am annoyed that while these folks are doing that work, Africans apparently cannot help themselves to run to various European countries to gift them with their skills. I suppose I'm the only person annoyed by this. I suppose I'm the only person who thinks that Kyenge's service to the people of the Congo as a doctor is more important than "diversifying" the Italian cabinet. But what do I know?

Given that, how ironic was it that the doctor delivering the white woman's baby is black?

I nearly fell out my sofa laughing when I saw that because it was SUCH a counterpoint to the scene on the right. There is a black woman walking (who knows how far) by herself to some location to give birth, ALONE whereas the white woman in "the west" has not only her husband but a black man to attend to her every need.

That video is so emblematic of the multi-fold failures of the collective black leadership .

Let me end this by asking a hypothetical set of questions:

1) If tomorrow those persons classified as white were to disappear from the planet what would go missing? A large portion of global finance (for better or worse). Most governments would shut down. 4/5ths of all vehicle manufacturing. The vast majority of advanced scientific study stopped. Many schools would simply shut down (including many in non-white areas). One could honestly say that aside from the missing population, there would be major worldwide disruptions in commerce, etc.

2) Similarly, what if tomorrow all persons classified as Asian were to disappear from the planet? The US would go broke. No, really, China and Japan alone have so much money invested in the US that for them to no longer exist would kill the US economy. Not only that, since much production of the world's goods are done in Asian countries, say goodbye to all that cheap clothes and electronic goods. Say goodbye to Honda and Toyota too. Oh yeah, Asians happen to be some of the top programmers in the world so there's that too. But lets not underestimate the loss of manufacturing output. All you need to do is look at the things in your home and office to know what that would do.

3) Lastly, imagine if every person classified as black were to disappear tomorrow: What would be totally disrupted? Nannies? Fast food workers? Rappers? Name me a major industry, governing body or human endeavor that does not involve entertainment or art that would have a massive disruption if Black people were to exit the earth en mass. There is nothing and I mean nothing manufactured in an African country that is consumed globally. Even the oil is refined elsewhere. No cars, no trucks. No solar panels. No clothing (well I do have ONE shirt made in Kenya). No electronics. There is a possible exception of food, which dessert Arab countries have been buying up land to produce. Oh, I did forget something. If all persons classified as black were to disappear tomorrow then in many metropolitan areas in the US, violent crime would drop anywhere from 60 to 90 percent. That would impact the employment of police and corrections officers as there would be far less crime to prevent and inmates to watch over which would devastate the economies of Fed Pen Towns(tm).

This takes us back to Garvey. Garvey told us that we would need to control businesses in our communities and countries. Failure to do so would leave Africans at the mercy of those who had done so. But the idea that won the day among Africans was that it was better to "diversify" white spaces than to strengthen our own. So we fight over Affirmative Action at various schools rather than how to get more black folks to attend a Tuskegee or a Howard. We complain about the lack of black professors at so and so HWCU (Historically White Colleges and Universities) and complain about low wages at Tuskegee, the same place they didn't go to and won't send their kids to, thereby depriving those institutions of funds that would pay those higher wages they want.

So this attitude has given us the video above. Black folks suffering massive brain drain and white folks continuing to reap the benefits of a cultural orthodoxy that places a higher value in diversity than their own group well being. And it is ONLY Africans that suffer from this nonsense. Asians stick together, Latinos do the same (mainly for their non-black members). But apparently I'm one of the few who are bothered by all that.

So if you're new to this blog and read this far, congrats. Now go back and watch the video again and see what I see.