Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thinking of McKinney

So I'm reading about the arrest of Rev. Lennox Yearwood by Capitol Hill Police:

Rev. Yearwood was stopped from entering the room, while others behind him were allowed to enter. He told the officers blocking his ability to enter the room, that he was waiting in line with everyone else and had the right to enter as well. When they threatened him with arrest he responded with "I will not be arrested today." According to witnesses, six capitol police, without warning, "football tackled him. He was carried off in a wheel chair by DC Fire and Emergency to George Washington Hospital.

Rev. Yearwood was examined for possible head and leg injuries then transferred to Central Processing. He has been charged with "assaulting a police officer."

And I'm thinking: So all these people who called former rep. Cynthia McKinney all kinds of things for not willing to be assaulted by Capitol Hill Police, I bet they still think she's crazy. So just so we understand, Oh 40 odd years ago, black folk could get knocked out, water hosed and have dogs sicced on them for protesting Now black folk can be knocked out, tackled and have limbs broken for protesting. Exactly what has changed again? Oh that's right we can lay up with pink toes, sit at a counter and live in white neighborhoods (before they become "formally white" neighborhoods.).

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