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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Perpetrating a Fraud

And so the outing of Juanita Bynum continues at the NY Times. It's "funny" that this has been printed about now since I recently had it out with an individual over the mis-teachings that these so called "prophets" dole out. Most of whom have no clue of history, Biblical or otherwise. These folks are out to make more than a buck and millions of people gladly hand over their money. No more sheets? How about "no more cash". How about people stop paying these so-called "prophets" and see what they have to say when they can't make a buck off religion anymore?

Anyway. The article had some interesting things in it like:

In the seminars, she sermonized, “I don’t care what kind of husband you got, that’s your covenant vow, and you have a responsibility to make him feel like he’s a wonder when you know he ain’t.”

Nothing is worse than a fake ass woman. If a woman doesn't like her husband-to-be and married him anyway while making him think he was KIng of the Hill, he deserves to be cut loose from that fake ass woman. And I'll let you know how you know when you got a fake ass woman next to you. If at any point in the relationship you appear and she looks like she's got to get "prepared" to deal with you, you got a faker on your hands.

Then there's this piece:

But during the marriage, Ms. Bynum publicly focused on the duties of a Christian wife, counseling women to give their husbands plenty of sex and to ask them, “Do I please you?”

Check it out, If you need to ASK if your man is pleased, let there be no doubt in your mind that there is a problem. Unless the man has ED or is burnt out from overwork, If you're doing just about anything more than just laying on your back, he's pleased. And anyway, why is it all about him? Seriously, Sex is supposed to be pleasurable for both parties involved. A wife is not a whore. Whores are pleasure objects for men. Wives are pleasure partners of men.


Then there is this:

She later said there had been previous instances of “pushing and shoving” and that she wanted to “take some classes” to find out why she attracted abusive men.

Some pushing and shoving? You'll note that there was no statement of WHO was doing the pushing and shoving but since I've read elsewhere that it is entirely possible that the "prophet" has been doing pushing and shoving herself, not to mention some verbal abuse of her husband, I bet there is more to the story but because her husband hit her, that will all get brushed under the rug. And you'd think the "prophet" who is supposedly empowering all these women would have already dealt with the "why she's attracted to abusive men." Perhaps, yeah, just maybe, as I've seen in the past, she creates an atmosphere where tempers flare. Personally I think she ought to sit down and be silent until she's at least come to grips with her issues. Then I would suggest ol girl refrain from advice giving.

The final parting shot, which was perhaps the most "prophetic" thing she's said:

It kind of brought my head out of the sand of the church in that sense

Yep. A whole bunch of people have their heads in the church sand on far more issues than domestic abuse.

Too all honest, knowledge seeking Christian folk: If you see a "Preacher" in the best car, best clothes and best house, there's a problem. Many of these million dollar preachers are not scholars. Much of what is preached from the pulpits are directly contradicted by actual bible scholars and archeologists. Some of these preachers know the info but keep it from the congregation because they fear losing their jobs and offerings. You are being used.

[Update] I just stumbled on this right here:

"In every generation God raises up a revolutionary, a chief commander, a voice who's not afraid to cry loud on behalf of his people.

"We call her a prophetess of the nations who fills stadiums and changes lives...She ushers people into the presence and glory of god...Preacher, teacher, ambassador and entrepreneur Juanita Bynum."

Ms Bynum calls the money she demands from her supporters "sowing a seed". In one video on her site she pleads for $200,000 to build a new prayer room - which she calls a "threshing floor".

She says: "It's a hard thing for me, but I have to pick up everything and move it and there's a piece (of land) on the new Juanita Bynum ministry property God has given me - the 30 acres of land and 12 acres of lakefront.

"I think it is God's wisdom to build a new threshing floor here so I am asking you as my partners.

"The fee and the charge is approx $200,000 I am asking for an emergency seed, any seed you give $300, $500 or $1,000. You have an opportunity to help me build the place where I can go to God on your behalf."

And apparently people are dumb enough to send her their money.


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