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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Unilever Plays in SJW Water and Fails

So I'm on Road and Track's website doing my automobile thing when the following advert shows up:

Firstly, I'm sending a note to Road and Track telling them I don't appreciate SJW bullshit on a automobile website.

Secondly to Unilever, I don't know what recent school of feminism grad you hired in your marketing department, but insulting the intelligence of men is NOT going to win you customers and this one will be actively seeking replacements for any of the products you produce that I use.

I, and all man can, in fact, observe the beauty of a woman as ONE of the things about her. I LOVE watching women track athletes run around in the little shorts. Did I mention I love that? And still I appreciate the training and other hard work that comes with being an athlete at that level. I cheered for the US women's 4x100 regardless of what they were wearing. Shame on YOU, Unilever for attempting to shame me for being a heterosexual man who appreciates the female bodies as part of what makes them who they are.

Fire the marketing company and any person who thought that such an advertisement was a good idea. Meanwhile "Tonga Man" was being groped by the members of the NBC staff without a peep: