Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Trump's 24 Hours of Trouble

This AM on GMA I got to watch a headline in which it was proclaimed that Trump was having a 24 hours of trouble. Here's what they said and why it shows just how silly the MSM is and how much Republicans are not the opposition [to Democrats].

1) Trump told a woman with a crying baby to leave the room: When I saw the clip I could only shake my head in disbelief that this was "news". Of course the campaign experts say that one should be nice to women with/and babies. Pictures of politicians with women with babies or holding the babies themselves is a staple of campaigning. Trump is not the normal candidate and apparently the MSM has not managed to realize that these silly ass "rules" simply do not apply.

First of all, all but the permanently aggrieved could tell that Trump was having a fun time with crying baby. I you read body language and can smell the faintest whiff of sarcasm you know that his "it's OK" was clearly not "real". Nobody giving a speech likes or wants to hear a baby crying. It's a distraction. It is a distraction to the speaker AND to those who are trying to listen. Any mother with an ounce of respect would know this and would remove herself and her crying baby from the situation until the reason for the baby's outburst could be rectified. But the MSM is SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you, that a candidate would tell a woman with a crying baby to "get out". In the real world where we are not perpetually aggrieved we know the deal. It was humor, it was good natured rib poking and making light of a situation. To the MSM it is "misogyny". 2) Trump refuses to endorse Ryan or McCain: My response to the latter? So what? Mr "Bomb Iran" is a loser of presidential campaigns like Romney. Neither one of them should be given a microphone to give anyone advice about how to win a presidential campaign or what a candidate should or should not do. If they knew that shit they would have won. This would be like watching the olympics watching the 100 meter sprint and having people who lost in the first heat commentary on how Usain Bolt shows off too much. Um, when you BEAT Usain then you can talk. In fact, until you make it to the podium, STFU.

As for Ryan, He was elected to his current position in a wave of popular discontent about sanctuary cities, "refugees" and the like. No sooner had he gotten his position he sold out. He is the very embodiment of what is wrong with the Republican party. Why should Trump endorse this puppet of globalists and the DNC? Should Ryan be successfully primaried it will be icing on Trump's cake.

3) Obama tells Republicans to repudiate Trump: Not surprised at this. Republicans have been dancing to the DNC tune for many years now so why not directly tell them what to do? Obama says to do x,y or z, and the Republican response has been "how often sir?" 4) Wrath of Khan: The DNC convention which featured speeches by the parents of persons who committed crimes and were killed as a result of their behavior. Which featured a nomination of a candidate who's own decisions resulted in the deaths of US citizens and who then lied to cover it up. Which supports a group that has not only incited murder of police officers but who's claims of black lives matter are discredited by the very criminals they support as well as the climbing numbers of black dead in various cities as a direct result of their behavior. This organization which is full of so called "anti-war", "anti-imperialism", "anti-big money in politics" groups put up the Muslim parents of a fallen US soldier. This soldier was killed by an IED fighting in the Iraq war which was supported by the DNC presidential nominee!!

This supporter of Sharia made a direct attack on Trump claiming he had sacrificed nothing. Now Trump could have responded with "thanks for your sacrifice" and ended it there, but that's not Trump's style. Trump is very much the "you mess with me, I'm gonna mess with you" type of person. Khan was bait and Trump took it. Of course the MSM missed the part where Clinton supported the very war that got Khan's son dead.

5) Purple Heart-gate: Soldier/citizen gives Trump a replica purple heart, which is a signifier of someone wounded or killed in a US commissioned conflict. Not sure why, since Trump is neither wounded or dead but in any case, the press made a fuss because Trump said he always wanted one of those and that it was surely the easiest way to get one. Supposedly this was an affront to soldiers and those who received such an honor. Why? I have no idea. This is a country where people who lose get trophy's simply for having participated. I would suppose that Trump should have been given something like a medal of valor for going against the establishment.

6) Republican party considering a Trump dropout: Really? I'm not seeing Trump dropping out. But the fact that the RNC is seriously considering replacement strategies shows just how much the RNC is really alt-DNC. There are literally millions of Republicans who would bolt from the party if they offed their candidate. Worse than that, there is no upside to such a plan. Does the RNC really think that having purged Trump that suddenly they are going to capture a majority or even plurality of black votes to make up for their losses? Hispanic votes? The fact is that there are a great number of black and hispanic "conservatives" who are really liberals hiding out in the RNC who's only suggestion to the RNC is: "less white". Those paying attention know that this is exactly the message (and reality) of the DNC.

Anyway, this RNC scheming isn't bad news for Trump. This is great news for Trump. Trump has been exposing the RNC for what it really is: a bunch of people playing "conservative" for donor money and moral approval of the left. Someone has to be labelled the "opposition" so why not get paid to do that? Trump is hated by these people because he signals that the gig is up. I'd love to see the RNC dismantled and a major third party emerge from it's rubble. The two party shell game needs to end.