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Friday, August 12, 2016

How Low Will England Go?

It is fascinating to watch the British who at one point could claim to run at least half the known world, become one of the most self hating set of people next to Germans. If I had no idea about what the British had done in the past and someone told me they could have colonized and controlled as much of the world that they did, I would call you a damn fool and to stop taking whatever drugs you were on.

Today's example of British loss of basic self-respect is as follows:

A spokesman of the police force told Huffington Post UK: “We are continuing to seek a full injunction banning Britain First organisers Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen from entering Luton town centre and Bury Park for three years.”
Understand what is happening here. The British government is seeking to ban the free movement of native British persons in their own country. That's pretty low. Not only that but:
Earlier this year, Mr Golding and Ms Fransen led a group of activists through the town of Luton – which they call an “Islamist hotspot” – confronting local Muslims and handing out newspapers.

Police arrested Mr Golding and charged him with “wearing a uniform with political objectives” under the 1936 Public Order Act – an obscure regulation originally passed to prevent the rise of fascist groups before the Second World War. He was fined £450.

Ms Fransen was charged with religiously aggravated harassment – a case that is still ongoing.

Arrested for wearing a uniform?

All to appease non-native peoples who, generally speaking despise the British people? How is it that any of the leadership in Britain is actually still in power when they act in such a manner? It is pretty clear that the British have no sense of self-respect, no wonder then that the foreigners they insist on importing don't respect them either.