Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Spanish Speaking Crackas

This is a Jamaican.

Wait. No, this is a peruvian.

No. Sorry. This is actually an American.

Or is he Chinese?

The bright among you already know the point I'm making with this fellow. Simply because someone has a nationality doesn't mean that they are of a particular race. Why would I bring that up?

These are two white people having a spat. But this spat has once again shown the true colors of liberals and conservatives alike. So called "Conservatives" once again showed that they are simply right wing liberals went on and on about how racist it was for Trump to make his absolutely valid objection to the white Mexican who belongs to La Raza, a group known to be hostile to Trump and is reported to be a part of a group that is against the Trump candidacy. If Curiel was a potential juror he would have been removed from the jury pool for these two things alone and we all know this.

On the liberal side we see this idea that if you are Mexican you must not be white. Now I peeped this rather twisted logic some time ago when I heard some black men discuss why their clearly white women were acceptable: Since they weren't northern Europeans they were OK. For them "white" was defined as French, English, German, Nordic and most Italians. Everybody else was "not white" and to some "honorary black" depending on their skin tone or nose width.

Of course the reason for this type of thinking is owed to the One Drop Rule. Those black folks who are not of American extraction usually do not cast such a net. The point being that Liberals in calling Trump a racist for pointing out Curiel's Nationality show that they have defined whites out of Mexico. That is, To be Mexican is to be definitively non-white. Of course my opening example utterly destroys such thinking. But who has time for logic when it's #NeverTrump?

Of course those of us who have studied slavery beyond "Roots" knows full well that white people have colonized other parts of the Americas. There are plenty of Germans, Italians, Arabs, Asians and others in Central and South America. In fact in a post many years ago I pointed out how many of the Beauty contest winners in South American countries are in fact Europeans.

The second thing revealed once again by liberals is their rank hypocrisy. When they discuss diversity they insist that one of the prime reasons for it is that people of different backgrounds bring different thinking to whatever they enter. This is seen as good. Of course different thinking also brings different biases.This is why when you go for jury duty they ask you questions about life experiences and attitudes which may dispose you to be biased against either party in a case.

And speaking of bias, it was none other than Sotomayor who made the statement that as a "wise Latina" she would bring a certain worldview (bias) to the Supreme Court. She said:

I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life," Sotomayor said in a speech at 2001 at the University of California, Berkeley, law school. She made similar statements at other such events.
So she stated outright that she is biased against white males in part due to their experiences. Yet Donald Trump cannot point out the [not so wise] Latino presiding over his case who has "experiences" which ill dispose him for sitting in judgment over Trump.

The very definition of hypocrisy.

Of course when confronted with said blatant racism Sotomayor said the following as clean up:

"I want to state upfront, unequivocally and without doubt: I do not believe that any ethnic, racial or gender group has an advantage in sound judging," she said. "I do believe every person has an equal opportunity to be a good and wise judge, regardless of their background or life experience."

"The words I chose, taking the rhetorical flourish, it was a bad idea," she said. "I do understand that there are some who have read this differently, and I understand why they might have concern."

Yeah, sure you do. Sure we can't read what's plainly said. Sure.

But to the point of the post. We know full well there are plenty of Spanish speaking crackers in Mexico and elsewhere. Simply because one is not a white American doesn't make one not white. And just because one has a nationality or ethnic background that is south of the US border [sic] doesn't make one NOT WHITE. What Trump, and really all of us needs is for someone to spell this out clearly.