Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Locks On The Panama Canal

I have family ties to the Panama Canal. My grandfather worked it and I have the utensils given to him by the US company that hired him. My other interest in the Panama canal is engineering. Until calculus kicked my ass, I was an engineering student and as a child built many a large project out of cardboard. Patience was never strong with me and that is and was a large downfall for me. If you're going to be an engineer you better be patient. Anyway. the NY Times has a great piece on the new locks on the Panama Canal. This picture is great:

And now of course the political angle. All the expertise needed to build and maintain this kind of thing is what my history professor at Tuskegee was talking about, and what Garvey was talking about. When you see these things being done in Africa, it is outside companies, [Mostly?] Chinese doing the design and skilled construction. And note I said "skilled construction." Dragging rocks out of water is not "skilled construction". Right now black people, particularly in the US are able to guilt trip liberal white people into assigning them "worth". But when you see these kinds of projects, the African is rarely present. Many black people get angry when [white] people notice this. Matter of fact, they got mad when Garvey pointed this out.

Where are your men of big affairs indeed.