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Friday, October 02, 2015

War With Russia?

The US has overplayed it's cold war victory and is possibly about to receive a big check in Syria. There are too many people in the US govt who are still in the old mode of thinking and are spoiling for a "final conflict" with Russia just like many Black Lives Matter supporters think it's still 1965. Neither parties realize the times and situations have changed.

Russia has decided it will defend it's allies just as the US has claimed the "right" to do. Russia has said that it too can play the international intervention game. It has bombed so called "Syrian rebels" allied with the US. In doing so it has made a direct poke at the US. If they are in fact "allies" of the US then the US is obligated to defend them. Failure to do so would be a clear abandonment. I know it. Putin knows it and Obama knows it.

The fault here lies entirely at Obama's feet, with is red lines and interference in [and possible instigation] a civil war in the sovereign state of Syria, which, I will remind the reader, had no Taliban, ISIS, ISIL, or Al-Qaeda presence.

Understand that Russia is acting fully within international law while the US is not and the UN is playing the usual low price ho to the US and western Europe. The other low price hoes hanging around, the media, are playing their part in trying their best to misinform the public in regards to the situation in Syria. Carly Fiorina was dumb enough to say that the US should make a "no fly zone" over the Syrian traitors (rebels) in order to protect them from government forces. We all know what this would mean. This would elevate the conflict in such a way that should Russia, with it's documented permission from Syria to defend that country from border to border were to go into the "no-fly zone" there would be a direct conflict between the US and Russia. Do you want that?

If the US backed rebels are given no support then the US loses entire face and Obama will be known as the president that lost to Russia (again). Even though this move would be ego defeating it is the BEST short and long term solution. The US should have never gotten involved in Syria. Had it gotten involved it should have been on the side of Assad because a strong and stable Assad regime means NO ISIS. No training camps, etc. Which is a high national security priority.

These are interesting times.