Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Saturday, October 10, 2015 And Brittany Cooper Come Out Against Black Fathers and Families

One of my reasons for ending my support for this thing called Feminism, was the blatant anti-straight male ideology that regularly appeared in statements by people who otherwise were against people being anti-anything. It was particularly sad to see black women embracing these ideas, particularly since they should know better. You hear all the time that feminists are not against stay at home moms nor "traditional" families. yet you'll consistently see attacks on stay at home moms and against traditional families. Here's the latest example:
American families are changing, and we should celebrate the fact that the two-parent, nuclear family ideal has gone the way of the floppy disk.
For those who are too young to remember, much less use a floppy disk the 5.25 actual "floppy" type or the 3.5 hard plastic covered type. What she is saying is that the nuclear family of a man, woman and their biologically related child(ren) has been thrown into the dustbin of history. Not only is it obsolete, but it is altogether absent except in historical areas.

This is prima facie proof that feminists, including black feminists hate on the black nuclear family. It is proof that they are a danger to the greater black community and should be denounced and removed from serious black society.

There is research that shows that children, regardless of race do better when they live with both of their biological parents (follow the linked citations). And note that these studies do not focus on race. So either Brittany Cooper doesn't know this information or chooses to ignore it and hope's the people she seeks to mislead don't find it.

It is also the case that statistically speaking black women who at least live with a black man (assumed to be gainfully employed) have a 31x times more wealth than single women

Knowing this, why does Brittany Cooper and write material that supports lifestyles that are damaging to black people? Let me propose an answer: hates men, most specifically, straight white men who are masculine. Black feminists hate men as well and have a special bone to pick with black men. Why?

In the case of, white feminists having been "blessed" with a very comfortable life based of the inventions, hard work and safe societies made by white men have done what most people who are the recipients of things they didn't make, they resent them. Not having to "get their hands dirty" dealing with building and maintaining civilizations, they get to talk about what society must give them. On top of this is the guilt from slavery and colonialism that paralyzes a large portion of white society when confronted with obvious bullshit that feminists dish out.

For black women feminists, I believe they have a deep subconscious loathing of black men in general. I cam to understand this when I read Soul On Ice. When Cleaver discusses being stopped by a police officer while in the presence of a black woman he was "seeing". The officer did whatever he did that disrespected Cleaver and he said that he saw the look in the woman's eye that she no longer saw him as "a man" and started being disrespectful of him.

I think that black women, in general, see the world they live in, particularly in The West, and see that black men in general, have shit to do with it. Black men are entertainers and that is all. We run created and run, CREATED AND RUN, none of the large businesses of any kind. We are the most unemployed this side of a reservation. We have the most criminal element ANYWHERE on the planet. Seriously. Whether it be Europe, China, Africa or America, wherever we are, we fuck up with the law at way higher rates than other people.

Increasingly smart black women come to understand that they can "make that money" and therefore live a certain lifestyle by NOT entangling themselves with a black man and more and more of them are doing so and becoming single parents voluntarily. A dude can be had for some penis when necessary. That's that new preferred means of doing things. Not that "floppy disk" means. And so, generally speaking, Black feminist women see black men as useful for entertainment and impregnation. The government provides the "security" in the form of WIC, Section 8, Mandatory sick leave, Earned income tax credits, free pre-K, School breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. In short, everything that a black husband would be expected to provide can be provided at a minimal level by the government, rendering the black male irrelevant except for breeding and entertainment (and perhaps protection depending on geography).

If the above is correct (I have no proof one way or the other) then it readily explains why a black women who is supposedly concerned about the livelihood of black people would be so happy to see the man, woman, child family structure go the way of the floppy, because Black men are irrelevant, at "home" and out of it..