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Monday, October 05, 2015

Ben Carson: Neo Con

Most sane observers understand that it was a mistake for the US to arm so called "moderate rebels" in Syria. Most of these "moderate rebels" went on to pledge allegiance to ISIS while Christians in the country have been run out whenever they aren't killed. So here comes Carson:
Carson stated, “What we, I don’t think, should do, is back down from Putin, right now. We need to make him aware of the fact that we’re not going to alter our flight patterns. We’re not be restricted by anything that he says, same thing with ground, air we will — I would establish a no-fly zone along the Turkish border, because we don’t want the forces to be in juxtaposition, because that will increase the possibility of an international incident. And I would be talking to Putin, and he needs to understand that if he continues with this activity, we’re going to use all the facilities that we have available to us, including financial facilities, to inflict pain on him.”
This commentary makes as much sense as Carson's explanation of evolution.
“I do not want to allow Vladimir Putin to expand his influence. That’s been his goal for quite some time now. He was very disappointed with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and its tremendous influence worldwide. We cannot contribute to his ability to re-gain that.”
"Allow"? Now Putin has said himself that the dissolution of the Soviet Union was something that he found to be very bad but having influence in the world would be a bad thing? After what Bush and Obama have done to the Middle East? You know what keeps a bully in check, knowing there's another mofo just as bad as him also roaming the halls who likes to take sides of the people the bully likes to pick on.
He continued, “we need to have a global strategy, and it needs not only be in Syria, we need to be talking about the Baltic basin. We need to be talking about all of Eastern Europe. We need to be challenging him there. We need more than one armored brigade there — more than two armored brigades. e need to have a missile defense system re-established, which he was horrified when it was there before. Let’s get in his face a little bit.
Yo! Why not re-establish the Star Wars program from Reagan!!? Really though. One of the reasons for Russia being as assertive as it is now is because we keep expanding east via NATO and putting offensive weapons on his borders on some "We need missiles right here on your border to protect Europe from missiles from Iran." And we think Putin is dumb enough, like some other leaders to go "Oh why didn't you just say so!!? Please do!"

I don't know who's giving Carson geo-political advice but it certainly isn't the likes of Pat Buchanan