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Monday, June 08, 2015

The NRA Made 'Em Do It

Michael Pfleger and Jesse Jackson are of the opinion that the NRA is responsible for all the shootings in Chicago
Last night in Chicago, three were killed. And ten were shot just last night. In Chicago.
Let me stop here. "were killed" and "were shot". By whom sir? By whom?
The NRA...
The NRA what? You mean the staff of the NRA were the ones who did the killing and shooting "just last night"?
The NRA lobby...The gun manufacturers and John [garbled] of Chucks want to make you think I'm a gun grabber
Wait. Wait. Who did the "killing" and "shooting"? Shouldn't we be told who did the killing and shooting?
I love life more than the more than the death they are perpetrating
Wait. Wait. Did 'Chucks do the killing and shooting? Is that what is being said here? Is there evidence for this? Because if Michael is saying that the mere existence of a gun shop means high murder rates, then someone needs to explain to me why Tuxedo NY has a gun shop and no murders that I know of.
I'm just tired. Tired of the NRA
You know what I'm tired of? Liberals who treat black people like children and do not hold them responsible for their actions. That's what I'm tired of.
What I want is for Chucks to be responsible
He wants Chucks to be responsible. Not the parents of the kids roaming the streets shooting. Not the people actually doing the killing and shooting. Chucks.

This is why black people will get NOWHERE. Never held to high standards. Just treated like large babies.