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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Drinking The Haterade

David MacCaray is hating on horse racing. Just like Tim Wise had to take time out of his day to shit on the bicycle dude who did some impressive stunts while white. David feels the need to shit on American Pharaoh

Consider: When Miguel Cabrera won the “real” Triple Crown, in 2012 (the one in baseball, the one that requires genuine athletic talent and isn’t joined at the hip to pari-mutuel wagering), it hadn’t been done for 45 years, not since 1967, when Carl Yastrzemski led the league in batting average, homers, and RBI.

Now that’s a real achievement, one done by a human being and not by a horse or trained dog. Nothing against animals, mind you. I’ve watched the Kentucky Derby and I’ve watched the Westminster Dog Show, and have been amused, if not overly worked-up, by both. But those aren’t “sporting events.”

Don't let the "Nothing against animals , mind you" distract you. This is full on hateration and holeration to quote on MJ Blige. Look anyone who's daft enough to compare the dog show with horse racing has clearly not run any distance further than couch to toilet while having the runs. The WDS is an entirely different event than the Kentucky Derby. You can't even compare the two. the WDS is perhaps comparable to say NY Fashion Week, with one having more proportional models.

Yeah, running a horse around a mile and a half track and not fall off or break one the legs (as I believed happened during one of the training runs) is a big deal. If it wasn't all that, then it would have been done regularly. And the whole baseball comparison is irrelevant. If you like baseball, then why not just write about that instead of bothering The Derby?

I think the real problem David has with Pharaoh is that he's gonna be breeding real soon now and that bothers people who don't like to think that certain abilities are genetically determined. Oh dear.

Moreover, after Cabrera won his Triple Crown, you didn’t hear the media get all dollars-and-sense about it. You didn’t hear broadcasters speculate about how much more money Cabrera could expect to earn now that he had accomplished this milestone.
Well maybe if they started a breeding program for baseball players (and other athletes) maybe they could start getting dough for impregnating worthy fillies...hmmmmm there's an idea for a business...