Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bikini Girl vs. Dead Black People

This past week is a slam dunk example of how out of whack the national consciousness is as it regards the supposed significance of black lives. All week we have heard about the bikini clad young lady who was roughed up by a police officer after disregarding numerous orders to clear the premises of a crime scene investigation (trespass and assault).

While reports of the gun pulling cop have been on repeat little has been said about the trespass and assault that prompted the call to police in the first place. Not a single talking head or writing hand in the MSM has found the courage to ask why the pool party crashers were there in the first place. Or why some of them felt it was appropriate to assault one of the residents.

Of course none of that surprises The Ghost because The Ghost has already explained a number of times that in America, Black people of all ages are considered children and cannot be held responsible for anything they do. Cops should be held to high standards of behavior in the face of angry people who threaten them (and sometimes carry out said threats) but black people should never ever be held to answer for trespassing on someone's property and assaulting people. But that's not even the point here.

The point is that while this stuff has been making the rounds of all major media outlets, Chicago saw it's murder total top 1000

5 persons were killed and 30 wounded just last week!

None of these involved police or bikini clad black girls.

In Baltimore 5 people were shot on Sunday. Just Sunday. There were 43 murders in Baltimore in the month of May alone. That doesn't include ANY of the people who were shot and survived.

Not a single police officer was implicated in any of these shootings. There were no bikini clad black girls involved either. Yet for the past week the top news on major news outlets has been bikini girl who can't follow directions and the cop who put her head to the ground. It is pretty clear then that the so called significance of black lives has nothing to do with actually saving the lives of black people from those who pose the greatest harm to them. Rather it is something else entirely. I know what it is. Do you?