Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Friday, September 19, 2014

Really Jessica?

Every now and then these Feminists show their true colors. Today Jessica shows hers and the Guardian gives an assist. headline
Good men don't let women get raped. So why aren't you guys doing enough?
What is this bullshit? Did she just blame the majority of men who do not rape, that's 94% of us, thank you very much, for the behavior of those who do?

That's some bullshit.

And since most rapes are committed in private, how is it that men who are nowhere near the scene of the crime. Don't know either the victim or the perpetrator, responsible?

Oh because some guy made a rape joke? Seriously?

Oh now name calling (either men or women) is perpetrating rape?

Total bullshit.


And a note about the Steubenville rape. Not a few people tried to get that underage girl to go home. People did in fact try to intervene. She decided to go with those guys. No one can make anyone go anywhere unless they have a badge on. And even in the Steubenville event, those guys were a subset of the larger number that were at the original party.

I'm pretty much tired of this type of bullshit being posted to so called "respectable" media. Why are these women given a pass to slander men in such a way that would be intolerable if done to non-whites (of any gender), Muslims (of any sect) or to women in general?

This is intolerable and has to stop.