Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Note On That White House Intruder

I have a few ideas about how, or whey that guy got as far as he did into the White House.

The obvious one that is probably getting rounds on Black Twitter and FB (I'm party to neither) would be the disrespect of the president and the likelihood that the members of the secret service secretly don't really care for the life of this president. I think that may have some validity based on some of the stuff I have read in the past year or so. But I think that even if it is motivated in part by that, there is more to it.

Recall that this president has twice publicly named, shamed and had fired a number of male SS agents for cavorting with prostitutes while in countries in which prostitution is legal. I think another may have been made an example of for being drunk and announcing that he was a SS agent. I thought at the time and I still think that it was a bad idea for him to do that.

The reason for this is that I don't think that the behavior of the SS agents was unique to this president. And if it wasn't unique to this president and no other president was placed in danger by this activity then there was IMO no reason to have made the public case of it that was made. I think that this (and perhaps other actions) lead to a great deal of resentment among the people who are tasked with protecting the president. Simply put, you don't piss off the people who's job is to lay down their lives for you.

Now I could be totally wrong on this point. As I said, these are "ideas". I have no real facts to support these ideas.

Lastly, I note that the intruder made short work of a female SS agent. I assume she was armed with a gun. He was armed with a knife. How does that work? I assume these SS agents are at least trained in Krav Maga. Did this fellow get the drop on her and knock her out with one blow? Perhaps it's time for the SS to re-evaluate their recruitment and training of their female agents. What if said female was the last line before the president. We could be having a day of national mourning instead of a juicy security story.