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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Never Mind The Data, Go With The Child.

I am almost always annoyed when I see people push a child forward asking for their opinions on subject matters they do not understand. Not only that, but I am pretty much not in favor of persons who have no responsibilities in life in having much of a say in anything. When you work, pay taxes, and are responsible for yourself, then get at me about how you think things should be run. Until then, excuse me while I discount your subsidized (or flat our paid for) life. yeah, I'm old, old school where children (minors) should be seen and not heard. Below is an example from the Huffington Post. First the headline:
This 11-Year-Old Perfectly Sums Up The Problems In Ferguson
Unless said 11 year old is a bonafide genius, I don't particularly care to hear what he has to say. And adults ought be of the same opinion. It's pretty sad when folks think children have a better grasp on situations than adults. And if your children have a better grasp of situations than adults, warranting such a headline, it speaks volumes about just how stupid the adults are. But lets see what this 11 year old has to say that is so profound:
In an interview with CBS "Sunday Morning," Govan shared his vision for Ferguson, saying he thinks one way to improve things is for the town to hire more African-American police officers. But Govan told CBS' Jane Pauley there's a reason you don't see many minorities on the police force.

"Look, let me tell you why: From the beginning we've felt abused by these people. Why would you go up to serve among the abusers? It doesn't make any sense," Govan said.

Two things about these "profound" comments:

1) More black cops does nothing to curb crime.

2) Lets take the phrase "When I was a child, I spake as a child.." seriously. If your dumb ass thinks that the police exist with the sole purpose of "abusing" you. Then you are a dumb ass. Seems this 11 year old hasn't a clue on the fact that the reason police are in his neighborhood "abusing" people is due to the activities of the criminal element within his community. And since he has NO CLUE, why is Huffington giving him press?

And by the way, the turn around in Camden NJ didn't happen due to "more black cops". So much for that. This is the problem. This constant infantilization of black folks and speaking of us as if we have no agency and no responsibility is very very bad for black folks. Furthermore, the denial of facts when dealing with these issues is also as problematic.

So excuse me if I go back to ignoring the commentary of 11 year olds.