Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ron Paul: What’s the big deal?

Ron Paul asks the right questions on Crimea:
Why does the U.S. care which flag will be hoisted on a small piece of land thousands of miles away?
Why indeed?
Critics point to the Russian "occupation" of Crimea as evidence that no fair vote could have taken place. Where were these people when an election held in an Iraq occupied by U.S. troops was called a "triumph of democracy"?[my emphasis]
Yes. Where exactly were these people?
Perhaps the U.S. officials who supported the unconstitutional overthrow of Ukraine's government should refocus their energies on learning our own Constitution, which does not allow the U.S. government to overthrow governments overseas or send a billion dollars to bail out Ukraine and its international creditors.
Yes. Why does a White libertarian and Black Pan-Africanist understand the constitution and international law and those who's job it is to uphold the constitution and supposedly are for self-determination and democratic institutions and rule of law do not?