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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Puff! There Goes the Magic Negro

You know, it was way to "funny" to watch black folk salivate at the "end of racism" with the election of Obama. Oh I read all kinds of nonsense. But this Burress thing is of real interest. That Obama hasn't supported Burress comes as no surprise since he threw his long term pastor under the bus (along with blatant character assasination of black males for political gain). But recent news linked from the Assault on Black Sanity blog I'd like to offer a new interpretation of the Blagovich tapes:

Supposedly we have this:

that Reid personally phoned Blago on Dec. 3, six days before the scandal broke, to urge him not to name any of three high-profile candidates for the Obama seat.

On the Reid blacklist were, according to the source, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Rep. Danny Davis and State Senate President Emil Jones.

And we have this:

However, this brings us back to the contents of a conversation Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel reportedly had with Blago, also before U.S. Attorney Pat Fitzgerald busted the governor for allegedly hawking Obama's seat to the highest bidder.

Valerie Jarrett, Barack's confidante, had by then withdrawn.

Rahm reportedly told Blago he should choose from one of three names: Duckworth, state Comptroller Dan Hynes and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky. Rahm then reportedly called back to add Lisa Madigan.

All four are white. Conspicuously missing from Rahm's list were all four black candidates: Jackson, Davis, Jones and Burris.

Now maybe...maybe the whole Blagovich: "fuck him" rant was in reaction to being told who to and who not to appoint by someone in Obama's camp? Maybe, just maybe Blagovich was mad as hell at being told what to do not only from Obama's camp but also from the Democratic hierarchy.

Heck I could be generous and propose that Blagovich was offended by the clear racial exclusion being practiced by team Magic Negro.

Question: Does Obama know that his right hand man is engaged in political segregation?

But hypothetical racial comradary aside, Perhaps we now know why Blagovich was so insistent on "getting something." i mean if the DNC want's to call you up and tell you who you should pick to benefit the party, shouldn't you, the "decider" get something in return? Sounds fair to me.

Maybe, just maybe the reason the Democrats have such a hard on for Blagovich is because as we may be seeing, he knows where the bodies are, if you know what I mean. See, all that's left now is for Fitzgerald to release the tapes. He can end the speculation right now. As I wrote in the comments section of the Assault blog: Neither Rahm or Reid, while acting in their capacities as public officials have an expectation of privacy in regards to these conversation. Furthermore, if these two conspired to deny the US Senate seat to qualified African-American candidates, then we have a violation of law.

Jesse Jackson, who went on a public attack of his father , when his father was set up by Fox "News", must be feeling the '"love" of having Obama's right hand man put him on the "black list" and he must surely understand what a "black list" is now cause:

The deal being talked about is that Reid may let Burris take the seat if he agrees not to run in 2010. For the fear Democrats have is that no black male in Illinois can for sure hold Barack's seat.

Translation: If you're white you're right
If you're yellow you're mellow (magic)
If you're brown stick around
If you're black
stay the fuck back.