Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fear of a Tape?

And so it appears that the wall barring Burris from being seated in the senate is crumbling rapidly. Harry "No Negroes" Reid is reported to be "open" to having Burris seated should the Sec of State of Ill. sign the paper, voluntarily or not (as in court order). I suspect that the Sec. of State of Ill will do his job. In fact last night it occured to me that the Sec of State of Ill. is an appointment and if Blago wanted to be gangster he probably could fire him for failure to perform his duties and go down the line of his backups until someone does the "right thing." I'm sure the Sec. of State of Ill. has no wish to go down over Burris, especially if Blago survives impeachment (however unlikely).

However though, the real interesting thing about this whole situation is how fast Reid changed his tune when it was revealed that he (as well as Rahm) are on tape actively breaking the law by clearly acting against qualified black people. I'm sure that Reid (and Rahm) have no desire to have their conversations with Blago outed to the public. In fact I would surmise that Once word of "No Negroes" got around to Obama, he may have put the word out to get Burris seated to avoid as much future embarrassment. Or maybe not.

What needs to happen now though is for there to be huge amounts of pressure by black groups, bloggers, etc. including the all but dead CBC to release the tapes with Reid and Rahm.