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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sean Bell Watch: The Strange Testimony of Trent Benefield

Trent Benefield in the type of witness you do not want to have on the stand. Not to bright this fellow.

Asked about the inconsistencies, Benefield offered a very plain explanation - he lied to the cops.

-NY Post

On the stand and admitting to being a liar. Anybody else with some sense would have said something like:

"Oh was was really traumatized and misspoke." or the infamous 'I don't recall."

No. This fellah gets up on the stand and says:

"I'm a liar" which basically means that generally speaking his testimony on behalf of the prosecution is worth, well, squat.

You have to read the transcript in order to fully appreciate the amount of lying that was done by Benefield. There is so much material here to sift through that I wont even begin to deal with it.

Between the " I took 10 grand from the National Action Network", The " I stayed in one spot the whole time the car was moving." it was a very bad day for the prosecution.

About the only thing that could be of possible use to the prosecution from this fellah is that he was shot while running down the street.

If Guzman's testimony is as bad as Benefield's or worse reasonable doubt may have been established. Not innocence, but reasonable doubt.

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